At The Library we pride ourselves on our beer selection. On average our fridge is host to over 20 different bottled or canned brews from both local and international breweries, as well as always having one guest ale on tap which changes regularly. Our bar staff are also always on hand to help you find the brew for you!

Below are some of our favourite breweries which we’re currently offering brews from.

The Taps


On tap we currently have the light ‘n’ crisp Munich style Camden Hells Lager, smooth and bitter Camden Ink Stout, malty amber Brooklyn Lager, classic pilsner Beck’s Vier, and sweet and fruity Stowford Press Cider.

The Fridge


Loose Cannon Brewery (Abingdon)

Established in 2010 and very much at the forefront of the new wave of UK breweries, Loose Cannon has picked up multiple awards for their brews. We currently have their deliciously hoppy IPA, crisp Czech Style Pilsner, and their rich Robust British Porter.


Kona Brewing Co. (Hawaii)

All the way from Hawaii, our selection of Kona Brewing Co. beers are some of the smoothest and are perfect for summer – even a rainy British summer. The Longboard Island Lager has a spicy hop to it, the Big Wave Golden Ale has an easy tropical flavour, and the Fire Rock Pale Ale has a citrusy bite. Aloha!


XT Brewing Company (Thame)

Another recent (2011) and local (Thame) brewery which offers some of our favourite craft ales. The XT1 is a characterful blonde ale with some fruity hops and its bro XT4 is a big ol’ mix of Belgian malt, and fruity European and American hops.


Siren Craft Brew (Berkshire)

If you’re looking for an interesting tipple then look no further than Siren Craft Brews. From the super hoppy Liquid Mistress Red IPA, to the citrusy sour Calypso, if you have a hankering for the unusual then check out Siren Brews!

Don’t see anything you like? Why not drop us an email about what brews you want to see at The Library!